No Closure, No Obstructions Along Daang Maharlika

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Long Term Performance-Based Maintenance (LTPBM) of the Department of Public Works and High¬ways (DPWH) is aiming for ‘optimized’ road usability along Daang Maharlika (Surigao-Agusan Section).

An ‘optimized’ road use would mean that even during disaster, no road closure will happen along the way, and no obstructions such as abandoned vehicles, illegally installed signage or encroachments would be pictured within the right-of-way limits.

On May 25, 2016, DPWH head officials and staff concerned with the implementation of LTPBM from Bureau of Maintenance (BOM), Unified Project Man¬agement Office (UPMO), Regional Office, and Agusan del Norte, Butuan City, and Surigao del Norte District Offices (DEOs) sat down with the LTPBM Consultants and Equi-Parco Construction Company as the contrac¬tor to iron the implementing rules and regulations of the contract, while also addressing the arising issues.

On his discussion, Dir. Virgilio C. Castillo of Roads Management Cluster-1 UPMO warned “the contractor of LTPBM Project that the DPWH may impose penal¬ties against the contract if they fail to attain the opti¬mum service level being required in the contract”.

By virtue of department order No. 76, series 2016, DPWH Secretary mandated that an inspectorate team be created who will conduct at least twice a month col¬lective and coordinated inspection in order to check the status of the contractor’s operation service levels.