DPWH Directory Index

Key Officials

Name Position Email Contact Number(s)
Mark A. Villar Secretary villar.mark@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3300
Rafael C. Yabut Senior Undersecretary for Regional Operations in Luzon yabut.rafael@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3214 +632-5304-3231
Roberto R. Bernardo Undersecretary for Regional Operations in Visayas, NCR and Region IV-B bernardo.roberto@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3415
Eugenio R. Pipo, Jr. Undersecretary for Regional Operations in Mindanao pipo.eugenio@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3469
Maria Catalina E. Cabral Undersecretary for Planning, PPP and Information Management Service cabral.ma_catalina@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3319
Ardeliza R. Medenilla Undersecretary for Support Services medenilla.ardeliza@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3535
Emil K. Sadain Undersecretary for UPMO Operations sadain.emil@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3555
Eduardo S. Ramos, Jr. Undersecretary for Legal Services and Office of the Secretary ramos.eduardo@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3023
Maximo L. Carvajal Undersecretary for Technical Services carvajal.maximo@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3679
Wilfredo S. Mallari Assistant Secretary for Regional Operations in Luzon mallari.wilfredo@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-2919 +632-5304-3342
Antonio V. Molano, Jr. Assistant Secretary for Regional Operations in Visayas, NCR, and Region IV-B molano.antonio_jr@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3528
Ador G. Canlas Assistant Secretary for Regional Operations in Mindanao canlas.ador@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-43241 +632-5304-43234 +632-5304-43552
Marichu A. Palafox Assistant Secretary for Support Services palafox.marichu@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3242
Mel John I. Verzosa Assistant Secretary for Legal Services and Special Concerns verzosa.mel_john@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3301

Bureaus (Central Office - Manila)

Name Position, Bureau Email Contact Number(s)
Aristarco M. Doroy Director, Bureau of Construction doroy.aristarco@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3271
Samson L. Hebra Director, Bureau of Design hebra.samson@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3340
Toribio Noel L. Ilao Director, Bureau of Equipment ilao.toribio_noel@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3639
Ernesto S. Gregorio, Jr Director, Bureau of Maintenance gregoriojr.ernesto@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3618
Medmier G. Malig Director, Bureau of Quality and Safety malig.medmier@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3582
Reynaldo G. Tagudando Director, Bureau of Research and Standards tagudando.reynaldo@dpwh.gov.ph +632-8926-3735

Services (Central Office - Manila)

Name Position, Department Email Contact Number(s)
Genevieve E. Cuaresma OIC-Director, Finance Service cuaresma.genevieve@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-2908
Michael S. Villafranca Director, Human Resource and Administrative Service villafranca.michael@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3453
Ma. Nieva S. dela Paz Director, Information Management Service delapaz.ma_nieva@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3364
Gliricidia C. Tumaliuan-Ali Director, Internal Audit Service tumaliuan.gliricidia@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3106
Rodil L. Millado Director, Legal Service millado.rodil@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3238
Constante A. Llanes, Jr. Director, Planning Service llanes.constante@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3195
Ma. Victoria S. Gregorio OIC-Director, Procurement Service gregorio.ma_victoria@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3122
Alex G. Bote Director, Public-Private Partnership Service bote.alex@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3762
Andro V. Santiago OIC-Director, Stakeholders Relations Service santiago.andro@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3280

Unified Project Management Offices (UPMO)

Name Position, Department Email Contact Number(s)
Rodrigo I. delos Reyes Project Director, Bridges Management Cluster delosreyes.rodrigo@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-9325
Johnson V. Domingo Project Director, Buildings Management Cluster domingo.johnson@dpwh.gov.ph. +632-8256-6836
Ramon A. Arriola III Project Director, Flood Control Management Cluster arriola.ramon@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3813
Virgilio C. Castillo Project Director, Roads Management Cluster I (Bilateral) castillo.virgilio@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3750
Sharif Madsmo H. Hasim Project Director, Roads Management Cluster II (Multilateral) hasim.sharif_madsmo@dpwh.gov.ph +632-5304-3779

Regional Directory

Region Location Regional Director Asst. Regional Director
NCR 2nd St., Port Area, Manila RD ERIC A. AYAPANA Contact No(s).: (02) 5304-3700
Fax No.: (02) 5304-3910
Email: ayapana.eric@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD JUBY B. CORDON Contact No(s).: (02) 5304 3834, (02) 5304-3911
Fax No.:
Email: cordon.juby@dpwh.gov.ph
CAR Engineer's Hill, Baguio City RD KHADAFFY TANGGOL Contact No(s).: (074) 444-3149
Fax No.: (074) 444-8838/(074) 444-6460
Email: tanggol.khadaffy@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD REYNALDO C. ALCONCEL Contact No(s).: (074) 444-9168, (074) 442-5968
Fax No.:
Email: alconcel.reynaldo@dpwh.gov.ph
Region I Aguila Road, Sevilla, San Fernando City, La Union RD RONNEL M. TAN Contact No(s).: (072) 242-9333
Fax No.: (072) 242-9372
Email: tan.ronnel@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD EMMANUEL W. DIAZ (OIC) Contact No(s).: (072) 242-9363
Fax No.: (072) 242-9363
Email: diaz.emmanuel@dpwh.gov.ph
Region II Regional Government Center, Carig Sur Tuguegarao City, Cagayan RD LORETA M. MALALUAN (OIC) Contact No(s).: (078) 304-1185
Fax No.: (078) 844-9524
Email: malaluan.loreta@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD ALEXANDER D. NOLA Contact No(s).: (078) 844-4788
Fax No.:
Email: nola.alexander@dpwh.gov.ph
Region III Sindalan, San Fernando, Pampanga RD ROSELLER A. TOLENTINO Contact No(s).: (045)455-0645
Fax No.: (045)455-0347
Email: tolentino_roseller@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD DENISE MARIA M. AYAG (OIC) Contact No(s).: (045) 961-6632
Fax No.:
Email: ayag.denise_maria@dpwh.gov.ph
Region IV-A EDSA, Quezon City RD JOVEL G. MENDOZA (OIC) Contact No(s).: (02) 3481-0202
Fax No.: (02) 3927-3276
Email: mendoza.jovel@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD ISIDRO O. ENCARNACION (OIC) Contact No(s).: (02) 3481-0206
Fax No.: (02) 3926-8779
Email: encarnacion.isidro@dpwh.gov.ph
Region IV-B EDSA, Quezon City RD YOLANDA L. TANGCO (OIC) Contact No(s).: (02) 3425-1977, (02) 3481-0304
Fax No.: (02) 3425-1975
Email: tangco.yolanda@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD ARTHUR D. PASCUAL Contact No(s).: (02) 3481-0306, (02) 3481-0307
Fax No.: (02) 3425-1975
Email: pascual.arthur@dpwh.gov.ph
Region V Rawis, Legaspi City RD VIRGILIO C. EDUARTE Contact No(s).: (052) 482-0395
Fax No.: (052) 482-0395
Email: eduarte.virgilio@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD GERALD A. PACANAN (OIC) Contact No(s).: (052) 481- 2093
Fax No.:
Email: pacanan.gerald@dpwh.gov.ph
Region VI Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City RD LEA N. DELFINADO Contact No(s).: (033) 329-9001 , (033) 329-9002
Fax No.: (033) 329-9003
Email: delfinado.lea@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD JOSE AL V. FRUTO Contact No(s).: (033)329-9004, (033)329-9005
Fax No.: (033) 329-9003
Email: fruto.jose_al@dpwh.gov.ph
Region VII South Road Properties, Cebu City RD EDGAR B. TABACON Contact No(s).: (032)-411-6714 , (032)-411-6715
Fax No.:
Email: tabacon.edgar@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD MARIO M. MONTEJO (OIC) Contact No(s).: (032)-411-6757
Fax No.:
Email: montejo.mario@dpwh.gov.ph
Region VIII Government Center, Baras, Palo, Leyte RD NERIE D. BUENO Contact No(s).: (053) 323-1004
Fax No.: (053) 323-3121
Email: bueno.nerie@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD NAJIB DILANGALEN (OIC) Contact No(s).: (053) 323-1002
Fax No.: (053) 323-3122
Email: dilangalen.najib@dpwh.gov.ph
Region IX Tetuan, Zamboanga City RD CAYAMOMBAO D. DIA Contact No(s).: (062) 991-0626
Fax No.: (062) 993-3008
Email: dia.cayamombao@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD HONORATO B. SALDUA., JR. Contact No(s).: (062) 955-1099
Fax No.:
Email: saldua.honorato_jr@dpwh.gov.ph
Region X Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City RD ZENAIDA T. TAN Contact No(s).: (088) 858-4323
Fax No.: (088) 858-8502
Email: tan.zenaida@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD LILIBETH N. APARECIO (OIC) Contact No(s).: (88) 858-8502
Fax No.: (088) 858-8502
Email: aparecio.lilibeth@dpwh.gov.ph
Region XI Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, Davao City RD REY PETER B. GILLE (OIC) Contact No(s).: (082) 272-74-02
Fax No.: (082) 226-9370
Email: gille.rey_peter@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD ARTURO P. LONGYAPON Contact No(s).: (082) 272-74-06
Fax No.:
Email: longpayon.arturo@dpwh.gov.ph
Region XII Mabini St. corner Alunan Avenue, Korondal City RD BASIR M. IBRAHIM Contact No(s).: (083)228-3908
Fax No.: (083)228-9577
Email: ibrahim.basir@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD ROSIE C. JAVATE Contact No(s).: (083)228-9577
Fax No.:
Email: javate.rosie@dpwh.gov.ph
Region XIII J. Rosales Avenue, Butuan City RD POL M. DELOS SANTOS Contact No(s).: (085) 815-3502 , (085)-815-3503
Fax No.: (085)-815-3551
Email: delossantos.pol@dpwh.gov.ph
ARD NOMER ABEL P. CANLAS (OIC) Contact No(s).: (085) 815-3504
Fax No.:
Email: canlas.nomer_abel@dpwh.gov.ph