DPWH XI’s High AC for 2015 Noted

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DPWH Region XI made history anew, underscoring its institutional framework and financial management capabilities for 2015. In one of his interviews with the local media, Regional Director Alquiza expressed his satisfaction on the agency’s accomplishments, which can also be attributed to the Region’s high absorptive capacity and efficient budget management.

Absorptive Capacity (AC) is measured by the ability to obligate the allotments received from the DPWH - Central Office and Department of Budget and Management (DBM). This indicates how effective and efficient an agency is in terms of managing financial resources.

Supported by its year-end accomplishment records, the Overall Absorptive Capacity (All Funds) of Region XI as of December 31, 2015 is 90.76%. This is determined by dividing the Total Obligation Incurred amounting to Php 20,010,058,820.90 by the Total Net Allotment amounting to Php 22,047,789,213.40. This indicates that there is an increase of 1.76% from 89% in CY 2014.

The District Engineering Offices and Regional Office can be ranked in terms of AC as follows:

  1. Davao City 2nd at 94.29%
  2. Davao del Sur 1st at 93.69%
  3. Compostela Valley at 93.32%
  4. Regional Office at 93%
  5. Davao Oriental 2nd at 92.14%
  6. Davao Oriental 1st at 90.06%
  7. Davao City 1st at 89.69%
  8. Davao del Norte at 82.53%
  9. Davao del Sur 2ndat 79.84%

The data also refers to the number of projects and programs implemented and the extent or amount of available resources used by the agency.

For 2015, the Regional Office also enjoys a good Budget Utilization Rate (BUR). BUR is the capacity of an office to actually disburse all transactions that was obligated in terms of actual payments to internal and external creditors.

The overall Budget Utilization Rate (All Funds) as of December 31, 2015 is 54.22%. This is determined by dividing the Total Disbursement amounting to Php 10,849,219,438.01 by the Total Obligation Incurred amounting to Php 20,010,058,820.90. The District Engineering Offices and Regional Office can be ranked in terms of BUR as follows:

  1. Davao Oriental 2nd at 82.42%
  2. Davao Oriental 1st at 75.06%
  3. Compostela Valley at 70.59%
  4. Davao del Sur 1st at 65.90%
  5. Davao del Norte at 56.86%
  6. Davao City 1st at 54.79%
  7. Davao del Sur 2nd at 52.76%
  8. Davao City 2nd at 45.53%
  9. Regional Office at 45.44%

Alquiza said these efforts and recognition can be thought of as a remarkable achievement for the agency as it does not only reflect our capabilities to effectively implement our projects and maximize our resources, but also in further attaining the stakeholders’ trust.

Given that the DPWH is a government and public-serving agency and one of the major recipients of government funds, makes this truly a noteworthy accomplishment for the Region and the Agency.