Raising the Bar for Education

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Aiming to step up in the field of Education, the Municipality of Malalag established Albatera Elementary School and became the very first school in the District with one of its buildings donated by a private company. Due to the increase in student population every school year, the school experienced classroom shortage. To address this, some classes were taught whether at the school stage or in the open field. The DPWH Davao del Sur 2nd District Engineering Office upon seeing the problem, awarded a 1-storey 1-classroom DepEd School Building to the Albatera School Administration. Little might be the contribution, it definitely made a difference by providing a much more conducive learning atmosphere for both teachers and pupils.

Similar projects were also replicated by DPWH where they handed down two schools in Sulop: 1-storey 1-classroom Building for Labon Elementary School and 1-storey 3-classroom Building for Buguis Elementary School. This manifests the undying support of DPWH Davao del Sur 2nd DEO under DE Noe V. Placer to raise the standards of education for the children in its district.