DdN DEO Completes Ising bridge Widening

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Traffic decongestion is one of the priority projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways as traffic has become a perennial problem of the country; prominently affects the economic stability of the nation.

To eliminate the problem, the agency has implemented various projects to address the issue, and the widening of roads and bridges are among them.

For CY 2015, DPWH Davao del Norte received a total allocation amounting to Php. 267,525,000.00 for the widening of national roads and bridges in the province. The implementation of Widening of Ising Bridge (B00018MN) along Daang Maharlika, Carmen, Davao del Norte is one of them.

Scopes of work included the widening of 25.0 ln.m. Bridge, 0.3364 km. bridge approaches and slope protection works. O.G. Santos Construction undertook the project with a contract cost amounting to Php. 32,287,080.00. The said project started in February 05, 2015 and was completed on August 07, 2015.

Carmen, Davao del Norte, a blossoming municipality is located in between two progressive cities in the province, Tagum City and Panabo City. It is a first class municipality, aiming to become a city by 2020. As all motorists from the north pass through Carmen traversing Agusan – Davao Road going south, particularly to Davao City, the widening of the said bridge is beneficial as this will become the choke point of traffic in the future if not given the preferential action.

DE Lorna T. Ricardo has always been keen in implementing the right projects, because as public servants she said, “it is our duty and responsibility to give the people the services they truly de-serve.”