Building A Legacy for the Comvaleño Youth

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The quality of education is not only measured by the varying teaching methods and techniques, it can also be seen in the quality of learning facilities provided for students. Having a conducive learning environment is essential in the learning process. This is where the role of the DPWH in ensuring the quality of infrastructure facilities becomes very relevant.

Through the years, building quality classrooms and school buildings has been a priority for the Department and this has also been one focus of DPWH-Compostela Valley District Engineering Office for the year 2015.

One of the school building projects being implemented by the DEO in 2015 is the Construction of One Storey 3 Classroom School Building at Mangayon National High School Comval Province with a contract amount of P2,597,443.44 and a contract duration of 60 Calendar Days which was started last August 17, 2015 and completed on October 15, 2015 under contract with DTV Construction.

The management of Mangayon National High School was nonetheless very thankful for the additional classrooms provided for their students. This is indeed one way of ensuring that the Department is true to its efforts in rendering the best quality of services to its stakeholders and to the welfare of the future generation.