P895-Million Worth of Infra Projects Allocated to DPWH, Iloilo 1st DEO for 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DPWH, Iloilo First District Engineering Office is implementing a total of 80 projects in various areas in the southern part of Iloilo with the total allocation of P895.65 Million. The said projects were funded under the District’s FY 2015 DPWH Infrastructure Program based on General Appropriations Act (RA 10651.) Four projects amounting to P348.24 Million will be under the supervision of the Regional office, while 80 projects amounting to P547.41 Million will be supervised by DPWH, Iloilo First DEO. Below is the table of the District’s infra program:

PROGRAMS/PROJECTSRegional OfficeIloilo 1st DEO
No. of ProjectsAmount (P’ 000)No. of ProjectsAmount (P’ 000)
a) Rehabilitation/Reconstruction/Upgrading
of Damaged Paved National Roads
b) Rehabilitation/Reconstruction of National
Roads with Slips, Slope Collapse and landslides
c) Construction/Upgrading/Rehabilitation of
Drainage along National Roads
d) Widening of National Roads2200,000  
e) Off-Carriageway Improvement  120,000
f) Retrofitting/Strengthening of
Permanent Bridges
g) Rehabilitation/Major Repair of
Permanent Bridges
h) Widening of Permanent Bridges  663,000
i) Construction/Maintenance of Flood
Mitigation Structures and Drainage Systems
j) Construction/Improvement of Access
Roads leading to Airports and Declared Tourism
k) Locally-Funded Projects  45140,000