DPWH - Biliran DEO conducts various maintenance activities

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Department of Public Works and Highways-Biliran District Engineering Office Maintenance Section, aiming to maintain a safe and passable national roads and bridges under its control, is continuously doing their scheduled activities for the month of July under the leadership of District Engineer David P. Adongay Jr.

Different maintenance activities were accomplished to address the need of the Department and the interest of the concerned people of the Province.

Road maintenance activities done through the constant effort of the District’s Maintenance Personnel and Crews where vegetation control around the District and application of pedestrian crossing along Biliran Circumferential Road which helps to reduce risk for pedestrians attempting to cross the road. It also provides a clearly defined crossing point where pedestrians are expected to pass.

Other activities where re-installation of guardrails along Naval-Caibiran Cross Country Road and repainting it with white colour as prescribed by the Department, riprapping works of Abutment B of Bool Bridge and excavation of inverted shoulder along Cabucgayan Road section.

Furthermore, curve and chevron road signs where installed at Barangay Agpangi, Naval, Biliran along Biliran Circumferential Road.

Curve sign is important because it helps maintain safe driving of motorists while chevron road signs provide additional emphasis and guidance for a change in horizontal alignment of the roadway.

School zone road signs were also installed at Barangay Masagongsong, Kawayan, Biliran. A mounted road safety sign near a school zone signals an incoming motorists to aware of crossing school children. The motorists will be extra careful to drive at a slower speed and allow children to cross the road safely.

Also due to the Tropical Depression Falcon last July 15, 2019 which brings heavy rain and strong winds to the Province, the maintenance crew clear the waterway of detour bridge across Caraycaray River to avoid overflow of water on the roadway. Old trees that topple and blocks the road along Naval-Caibiran Cross Country Road where also cut immediately, making the road passable for the travelling public.

Those activities were achieved through determination and cooperation of the maintenance personnel and crews through close monitoring of the Maintenance Point Persons (MPPs) and Engr. Glenda G. Dagalea, Maintenance Chief Engineer.