DWPH XI Girding for P38-Billion Infra

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Department of Public Works and Highways 11th Regional Office, this early, is now preparing for a possible P38-billion worth of infrastructure projects to be implemented for 2017.

According to Regional Director Mariano R. Alquiza, the office is now in receipt of the National Expenditure Program (NEP) for the year 2017. The NEP is yet to be approved by Congress who may cut or add the infra allocation. “But already, we now have a figure to reckon with and it is a very huge amount compared to the present 2016 infra allocation of P19.6-billion,” Alquiza said.

“We are already anticipating the possible constraints that will confront us in the implementation of those projects, like road right-of-way, shortage of cement and aggregates, skilled manpower and early notices to all who will be affected but the projects,” Alquiza said during the monthly press conference held at the DPWH-2nd DEO at Tugbok, this city on September 15, 2016.

For the DPWH-2nd DEO under DE Gene Lozano, the 2017 infra allocation will be worth P2.1-billion to fund some 49 projects including joint supervision projects. The said district office under Engr. Lozano is one of the region’s top infra implementors and already it has accomplished 66% for all its 2016 projects as of August 31.

Region 11, for the year 2016 is implementing 790 infra projects worth P19.6-billion and as of August 31 has already accomplished an equivalent of 58.52%.

“We are confident that we can complete all these projects by the end of the year,” Director Alquiza said, as he thanked the media for helping the DPWH disseminate vital information regarding infra development.