Do Not Intervene in Project Biddings - DPWH

Monday, December 15, 2014

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Rogelio L. Singson appealed to politicians and other influential personalities not to meddle or intervene in the on-going procurement activities for DPWH infrastructure projects for CY 2015.

Singson said that competitive and transparent biddings of about 9,278 projects valued at P269.7 Billion under the CY 2015 Infrastructure Program are on-going nationwide. We want to be able to award most of these contracts by 1st Quarter of 2015.

“We hope to start implementation of projects in the first quarter of the coming year for us to be able to take advantage of the good weather condition”, added Singson.

He also requested all contractors to abide by the public bidding rules and regulations and report any DPWH officials or employees deliberately involved in collusion and favoritism to preferred contractors.

“Compete fair and square. Abide by bidding rules and regulations,” Singson told the contractors.

“If any contractor observes that DPWH Bids and Awards Committee official and employees are involved in bid rigging, they can file their complaints directly to the Office of the Secretary,” added Singson.

In response to allegations that some DPWH Bids and Awards Committee officials are controlling the procurement process in the past, Singson directed the elimination of the submission of Letter of Intent to encourage participation of more bidders.

Contrary to past practice that bidding documents are available at the office of procuring implementing entity, and prospective bidders can download bidding documents through the DPWH website and pay at any DPWH Office nationwide.

Computation of Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC) is now solely based on a contractors net worth to minimize subcontracting as a business.

Civil Society Organizations and other concerned external stakeholders are also invited as observer in the conduct of biddings.

As part of DPWH participatory and good governance program, about 52 accredited CSO partners nationwide are now engaged to monitor and participate in project identification, budgeting process, pre-construction activities, construction and post evaluation of projects.