Improved Road Now Benefits Farmers in Lanao del Norte

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Farmers and local traders in Barangay Cadulawan in Munai, Lanao del Norte are now reaping the benefits of the rehabilitated Bacolod-Madalum Highway, especially in transporting local products from their farmlands to commercial hubs.

Citing a report from DPWH Region 10 Director Zenaida T. Tan, DPWH Secretary Roger G. Mercado said that reconstructing and maintaining damaged roads as part of the DPWH mandate are deemed necessary to avoid logistical delays and support economic growth.

The P45.7-million project involved the construction of a two-lane road measuring a total of 1,145 kilometers, including a concrete paved shoulder, 396.3 meters of concrete-lined canal, and slope protection structures installed along winding parts to reduce risk of accidents especially during the rainy season.

“Daily road users expressed their appreciation to the government for improved travel quality that they now experience, resulting to more livelihood opportunities and increased income brought by the fast delivery of their products,” said Director Tan.

People’s way of living in the land-locked municipality of Munai, Lanao del Norte revolves mainly in planting and selling crops, sun-dried coconuts or copra, and timber.