DPWH still clearing 30 impassable roads, mostly in CAR

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A total of 30 road sections in Region I, III, and the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) remain closed to traffic due to rock debris, landslides, fallen trees, mudflow, washed-out road, road cut, damaged slope protection and electric post, eroded bridge approach, and flooding after being hit by Typhoon Ompong over the weekend.

The Department of Public Works and Highways-Bureau of Maintenance (DPWH-BOM) reported that as of Wednesday, September 19, 2018, twenty-four (24) roads in CAR are impassable which include:

1) Kennon Road

2) Baguio –Bontoc Road
a. K0362+680 Busa Section
b. K0371+400 Tiging Section in Sabangan
c. Mt. Data Cliff to Sinto Boundary section
d. K0318+190-K0318+244 Palidan section in Amgaleyguey, Buguias

3) Baguio-Bua-Itogon Road
a. K0257+400 Sitio White Beans section in Brgy. Ucab, Itogon
b. K0257+500 Sitio White Beans section in Brgy. Ucab, Itogon,
c. K0257+000
d. K0260+860 - K0260+900 Sitio Goldfield section in Brgy. Poblacion, Itogon

4) Gurel-Bokod-Kabayan-Buguias-Abatan Road, K0305+000 - K0316+500 section in Bokod

5) City Limit-Sto. Tomas Road, K0263+300 Sitio Bandilan section in Tuba

6) Acop-Kapangan-Kibungan-Bakun Road
a. K0345+600 - K0345+670 Bagtangan section in Gambang, Bakun
b. K0348+800 Gakian section in Gambang, Bakun
c. K0349+300 Gakian section in Gambang, Bakun
d. K0345+600 - K0345+670 Bagtangan section in Gambang, Bakun
e. K0320+400-K0320+420 Mayos section, Poblacion, Kibungan,

7) Cong. Andres Acop Cosalan Road (formerly Gurel- Bokod- Kabayan- Buguias- Abatan Road) K0343+400-K0356+300, intermittent sections

1) Banaue-Hungduan-Benguet Boundary Road
a. K0413+300 Munsoyosoy section in Tinoc
b. K0407+750 - K0407+900
c. K0410+400 Tocucan section in Tinoc
d. K0400+100 Tulludan section in Tinoc
e. K0405+050-K0406+900 Tukucan section in Tinoc, intermittent section

2) Kiangan-Tinoc-Buguias Road
a. K0360+800 Impugong section in Tinoc
b. K0357+300

3) Nueva Vizcaya - Ifugao - Mt. Province Road
a. K0342+350 Viewpoint section in Banaue
b. K0344+000 Viewpoint section in Banaue
c. K0358+325 Viewpoint section in Banaue

1) Mt. Province Boundary-Calanan-Pinukpuk-Abbut Road
a. K0511+950, Cawagayan Section
b. Tuga Section inTabuk City

2) Balbalan-Pinukpuk Road
a. K0496+000 - K0522+00 Baay Junction Pinukpuk
b. K0523+000 intermittent section

4) Tabuk Banaue Road via Tanudan Barlig Road
a. K0543+200 - K0543+426 Dumanay Section in Tanudan
b. K0522+100 - K0522+400 Matelled Section

5) Mt. Province Boundary-Calanan -Pinukpuk-Abbut Road
a. K0424+110 - K0424+135 Mabongis Section in Bugnay, Butbut, Tinglayan
b. K0439+300 - K0439+330 Bangad Section
c. K0459+950 - K0459+970
d. K0430+350
e. Mabongis Bridge
f. K0429+250 Basao Section

6) Kalinga- Abra Road
a. K0466+(-031)
b. K0494+528-K0494+540 Gusang Section in Balbalan
c. K0497+500 - K0497+510 Pantikian Section
d. K0468+450 Ableg Section
e. K0471+100- K0471+620 intermittent Dolyaw Section
f. K0494+528 Guisang Section
g. K0475+(-50)- K0475+080 intermittent Simang Section
h. K0475+080 Simang Section

7) Lubuagan-Batong Buhay Road, K0461+450 – K0477+600 intermittent section

8) Balbalan-Pinukpuk Road, K0489+300 - K0493+050 intermittent section

1) Abra-Ilocos Norte Road, K0451+150 - K0451+250 section in Nagaparan, Danglas

2) Abra – Kalinga Road
a. K0477+150-K477+158 Aguibo section
b. K0479+950 Poblacion section
c. K0480+100 Duldulao section
d. K0487+300 Gacab section
e. K0475+350 - K0475+430 Aguiboin section in Malibcong;

3) Abra-Cervantes Road, K0476+500-K0476+514 Ampalioc setion in Luba

1) Kabugao - Pudtol Luna - Cagayan Boundary Road, K590+980-K609+400, intermitent section

2) Apayao - Ilocos Norte intermittent section

3) Claveria-Calanasan Road
a. K0679+500 Baduang section in Calanasan
b. K0687+260-K0687+275
c. 0687+480-K0687+490
d. K0690+250-K0690+265
e. K0704+000-K0707 Dallawas Section, intermittent section
f. K0672+300-K0675+000 Rabaw Section
g. K0676+000-K0678+600 Rabaw Section

4) Kabugao-Pudtol-Luna-Cagayan Boundary Road, K0615+250-K0615+410 Paco Section

Two (2) road sections in Ilocos Region are also impassable namely:

Ilocos Norte-Abra Road, K0539+350

Urdaneta-Jct. Dagupan Road, YMCA Tapuac Section, Pangasinan

In Region III, four (4) road sections remain closed to traffic. This include:

1) Sto. Tomas - Minalin Road K0070+900 - K0073+600, San Isidro. Minalin & Telacsan

2) Baliwag - Candaba - Sta. Ana Road
a. K0068+(-348) Bomba Bridge
b. K0070+900 - K0071+050 Pasig section in Candaba

3) Candaba - San Miguel Road, K0073+400 - K0073+600 Paralaya section in Candaba

4) San Simon-Baliuag, K0062+000-K0065+000 Brgy. San Miguel section in San Simon

Disaster Response Teams of DPWH in concerned regions continue to undertake clearing operations and road/bridge restoration works to ensure immediate reopening of national road networks.

According to DPWH-BOM, partial cost of damage to roads and bridges has reached P2.273 billion.