DPWH Chief Reiterates Warning: "No Fund Raising at DPWH"

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Department of Public Works and Highway Secretary Rogelio L. Singson calls on the public to never entertain any request from unscrupulous individuals using his name or the DPWH to solicit funds, by way of financial assistance, sponsorship or selling raffle tickets, as he is never involved, nor is supporting any group, firm or corporation to solicit on his or the DPWH’s behalf.

This is in view of renewed reports that “certain individuals/groups continue to victimize employees, officials, contractors, consultants, suppliers and even big private companies through their deceitful acts of using my name to solicit money and financial aid or asking favours for any group crusade,” Singson said, and added “please don’t be fooled by it and report the incident immediately to us so we may act on it accordingly.”

DPWH Regional and District Office heads including rank-and-file employees were also often target of solicitations by groups claiming affiliation with civic and non-government organizations.

There are also reported cases of contractors, consultants and DPWH field units head receiving calls from impersonator of the Secretary and members of the Management Committee demanding monetary contribution or seeking favours.

The DPWH Secretary including some Undersecretaries have issued several warnings in the past, and have alerted all Regional and Project Directors and District Engineers about this modus operandi of unauthorized solicitation to prevent contractors, consultants, suppliers and even colleagues at DPWH from falling victims to these misleading acts.

For any attempt of solicitation, the public may report the incident immediately to the Stakeholders Relations Service of DPWH at telephone numbers (632) 302-9196, 304-3370, 304-3280 or 304-3279.