The following are Philippine women-related laws:

RA 6949: Declaring March 8 as National Women's Day

RA 7877: Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995

RA 8353: Anti-Rape Law of 1997

RA 8505: Rape Victim Assistance and Protection Act

RA 6949: Anti-Trafficking in Person Act of 2003

RA 6949: Anti-Violence against Women & Their Children Act of 2004

1981: The Philippines ratified the United Nations Convention in the elimination of all forms 
of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

RA 6725: Prohibits discrimination with respect to terms and conditions of employment solely 
on the basis of sex.

1993: Guidelines for Developing & Implementing Gender-Responsive Projects & Programs 
National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women/National Economic and Development 

1995: Executive Order No. 273: Approving & Adopting the Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive 
Development (PPGRD 1995 - 2025)

2004: Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines

2007: Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines, NEDA, 2nd Edition