Major Implementing Programs and Projects, PPGD1995-2025 (DPWH Concern)

Program/Project TitleDescription/Objectives
1. Dissemination of Guidelines, Primers, Manuals on Infrastructure and Women’s RolesTo ensure women and encourage participation in sector activities.
2.  Institutionalization of Non-Discriminatory Hiring, Training, Promotion in Infrastructure AgenciesTo ensure stricter enforcement of laws and policies in the employment of women in infrastructure agencies.
Community-Level Infrastructure Development ProgramsTo ensure that the needs of women are taken into account in the delivery of services as well as in the maintenance of facilities.
1.) Mobilization of Women in Barangay Power Associations, Barangay Waterworks and Sanitation Associations, Water Districts, etc
2.) Consultation with Women In Needs Assessment ActivitiesTo ensure that the needs of women are adequately considered in the construction of infrastructure facilities.
3.) Training Women in Planning, Implementation, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Facilities
Research and Development
To develop appropriate indicators to be used in evaluating the achievements for and by women in the sector.
1. Sex-Disaggregated Data Generation, Processing, etcTo facilitate the improvement of conditions of women in the performance of their social and economic responsibilities through innovations in technology and infrastructure.
2. Labor-Saving Devices to Reduce Drudgery of Women’s Work (for hauling water, alternative sources of energy for cooking, etc)To identify specific infrastructures where women’s involvement can be mainstreamed and develop appropriate environment for their increased participation.
3. Case Studies on Women’s Involvement in InfrastructureTo assess the impact of each type of infrastructure on the lives of women and identify programs complementary to their activities.