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This report was prepared in connection with the implementation of Constructors’ Performance Evaluation System (CPES) pursuant to Section 12, Annex E - Evaluation of Contractors’ Performance of the revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA No. 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act). Item 4 - Submission and Dissemination of Evaluation Results of Section 12, specifically mandated the CPES-IU to develop and maintain a databank of the CPES evaluation results of all ongoing and completed projects and disseminate the same to the concerned implementing units and to other interested users.


The CPES rating and other information is designed to serve the information needs of the following: a) government agencies undertaking infrastructure projects; b) industry planners and decision makers, c) constructors, d) project owners, e) banking and financing institutions, f) insurance companies, g) consulting firms, h) professional associations, and i) embassies.

Information on contractors’ CPES ratings shall be used for the following purposes: a) Pre-qualification / Eligibility Screening of Constructors; b) Awarding of Contracts; c) Project Monitoring and Control; d) Issuance of Certificate of Completion; e) Policy Formulation / Review; f) Industry Planning; and g) Granting of Incentives / Awards, and in adopting measure to further improve performance of constructors in the prosecution of government projects.


This report contains CPES ratings and other project-related information of on-going and completed foreign assisted (FA) and locally funded (LF) infrastructure projects being undertaken by either local, foreign or joint venture constructors.


Presented in this report are the names of constructors arranged alphabetically with the corresponding project classification. Information available in this report comprises three (3) parts, as follows: 1) Constructor General Information; 2) Project Data; and 3) CPES Rating.

  • Part 1 of the report includes the Name of Constructor/s, PCAB License Number, PCAB/ARC category and type of contractor.

  • Information contained in Part 2 pertains to the project type, project name, location, funding source, project cost, implementing office (regional/district/project management office), duration of the project, date started and completed, slippage, date of evaluation, and status of project (on-going or completed)

  • Part 3 includes data on CPES rating per criteria, as follows; a) workmanship, b) materials c) time, d) facilities, e) environmental, safety and health, and f) resources deployment, and the CPES Rating / Final Rating and its Qualitative Description.



Data contained in this report were culled from the CPES Summary Report submitted by the Constructors’ Performance Evaluators to the CPES Implementing Unit.

With regards to data on negative slippage, this matter may be brought about by any of the three (3) problems: a) Constructor-Related Problems, b) Agency-Related Problems; and c) Other related Problems. Please see the enumerated problems on each classification on Cause of Delay. If you are in need of any particular information on the reason for the negative slippage of each concerned contractor, please contact the implementing unit of the project.

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