On the Right Track for 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Department of Public Works and Highways Region XI ended CY 2015 with 607 accomplished infra projects. The impressive accomplishments so far have been realized under the leadership of Regional Director Mariano R. Alquiza.

RD Alquiza, said that a major fraction of the total budget for 2015 was for the construction and improvement of national roads. Having successfully gained the ISO recognition and certification, RO XI is thus far considered one of the Department’s top performing Regional Offices.

Despite obstructions and varying issues arising from construction, still many of the infrastructure projects proceeded and were completed, which make up the impressive 84.52 % overall accomplishment rating as of December 31, 2015. The agency was allotted P14.350 Billion to fund 772 projects under the DPWH Regular Infrastructure Program.

The Regional Director also expressed his hopes and plans for the forthcoming year. “We are hoping that through our continuous efforts and commitment, the gains we will have by the end of 2015 will translate into greater determination and achievements in 2016,” he said. The Region is looking forward to an increase in its total budget worth over P18 Billion. This significant budget raise, which is by far the biggest in the country, was due to the many priorities set for 2016. These will include road widening and improvement of drainage systems, among others. Around 372 projects are expected to be funded and implemented.

According to Alquiza, the dramatic increase in its allocation is the result of the confidence of the National Government and the Department headed by Sec. Rogelio L. Singson. They are convinced that the Region can deliver its tasks without compromising the quality of its projects.

Furthermore, the change in the budget is determined by the Absorptive Capacity of the Office which refers to the ability of an agency to maximize the use of available financial resources. Alquiza reported that its absorptive capacity is high and good (93% as of December 31, 2015-ed), therefore, putting it in a much better position to receive a higher budget compared to other Regional Offices in 2016.

In a closing statement before the Davao media, Alquiza expressed his appreciation for the trust, support and confidence of the local and national leaders and the public in its continuous mission to serve the people through safe and quality infrastructure.