FMR in Brgy. Sumimao Nears Completion

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Construction of Farm to Market Road at Brgy.Sumimao, Paquibato District to Sitio Kalkal, Inayangan, Calinan District, Davao City is nearing completion.

The Sumimao Farm-to-Market Road, traverses farmlands with high value crops ranging from vegetables, bananas, coffee, cacao, mangoes and various root crops --- the primary sources of live-lihood in the area.

This road shortens the route from Calinan to Malabog by about 8 Kilometers. Though the project still awaits completion, vehicles prefer to pass through this route because of the significant reduction in time and distance. It is expected that when this project is completed, most of the vehicles going to Malabog area will be passing through this route. This project will indeed benefit the farmers by easing accessibility and reducing transport cost.

This 2-Km, PhP35M, Farm-to- Market Road project undertaken by the Davao City District Engineering Office is expected to be completed soon.