Worries end after Kapalong River Dike construction

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The municipality of Kapalong is one of the most flood - prone areas in the province of Davao Del Norte. This is because of the existence of the Libuganon River, a major river system in the province that through the course of history, has already claimed numerous lives and properties because of its unpredictability.

With the construction of the 191.4 linear-meter river bank protection along Barangay Maniki, residents have breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they are now well-protected by the newly constructed structure.

“Nagapasalamat ko uban sa mga tao na nagpuyo diri kay nakatabang gyud ug dako ang project sa among lugar. Dati mahadlok mi kung duna’y kusog na ulan kay magbaha gyud sa among dapit. Pero tungod aning proyektoha na pagpataas sa maong dike, karon okay na kaayo among pamati kay dili nami makuyaw-kuyawan,” (In behalf of my fellow residents, I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation of this project. Fear was among us each time the water level rises or when it rains. Now, we feel safer), said Grace Ganiera, one of the project’s direct beneficiaries.

This PhP 32.2 M river-dike project was undertaken by RELY Construction and was funded under the CY 2016 Regular Infrastructure Program of the Davao del Norte District Engineering Office. The project began in February 4, 2016 and was completed on November 15 of the same year.