DPWH to Construct a Diversion Road Leading to Calbayog Airport

Friday, January 29, 2021

Better economic opportunities await Calbayog City and other parts of Samar Province with the Capoocan-Dagum Diversion Road planning to be built by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in Samar Province.

According to a report to DPWH Secretary Mark A. Villar by Region 8 Director Nerie Bueno, the proposed Capoocan-Dagum Diversion Road will start alongside Matobato Elementary School in Barangay Capoocan going through an intersection in Caramel Subdivision and Pagbalican Road until it reaches its endpoint in Calbayog Diversion Road at Barangay Dagum.

Secretary Villar said that the project envisioned to resolve the heavy volume of traffic along Daang Maharlika during peak hours starting at Barangay Matobato. Moreover, the diversion road will serve as a way once the 'timbol' and 'pedicabs' are not allowed to pass along main highways.

The project will be implemented in multi-year and has a total length of 1.156 kilometer, with four (4) lanes, additional two (2) bicycle lanes, and two (2) for pedestrian lane on both direction. Moreover, a drainage structure will be built on areas identified where flooding is recurring with a total length of 1.69 kilometer.

It anticipated that in 20 years, Calbayog Airport will become an international airport, thus, tourist influx and businesses will flourish and with Calbayog City’s development, hence roads should already be in place, giving emphasis for the construction of a diversion road

“This will open a lot of opportunities not only to big businesses but also to small and local trades in the city. Projections and visions of the needed infrastructures is vital for the realization of a flourishing economy,“ said Secretary Villar.