DPWH Goes Livestream Of Bidding, On Line Procurement

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar announced that the public will be able to witness bidding activities via online streaming of DPWH procurement processes.

Secretary Villar ordered to broadcast DPWH procurement process on livestream via social media platform or thru official website in order to avoid irregularities, whenever the relevant committee is required to convene or meet.

“In the past, we are concentrated on the duly authorized observers and engagement of accredited civil society organizations as monitors of the procurement proceedings, this livestreaming efforts create the feeling for any interested people of being there”, said Secretary Villar.

Born of the necessity for transparency and accountability in the public service pursuant to Administrative Order No. 34 issued by President Rodrigo R. Duterte, the tool allows anyone to watch on screens and examine procurement process under Republic Act No. 9184 or Government Procurement Reform Act and its revised implementing rules and regulations (RIRR), added Secretary Villar.

Under Department Order 105 issued by Secretary Villar, all implementing offices shall ensure transparency in the procurement of infrastructure projects by posting on official website and/or social media platforms the following information: a) project name; b) approved budget for the contract; c) contract period; d) name of winning bidder and its official business address; e) amount of contract awarded; f) date of award and acceptance; and g) implementing office/unit/division/bureau.

Information technology infrastructure are now being readied by DPWH procuring offices to swiftly ensure that the policy is implemented right away.

Also, the DPWH procurement goes online amid the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing contractors in the procurement of civil works contracts to conduct submission and receipts of proposed bids.

Secretary Villar implemented the new electronic process thru Department Order 87 in September 2020 to streamline the delivery of public service while ensuring safety, health, and welfare of both the Department's personnel and the contractors doing business with the agency.

“More importantly, the decision to move the DPWH procurement process online is intended to lessen human intervention in receiving bids and therefore reduce the avenue for graft and corruption”, said Secretary Villar.

In this set-up, bidders are encouraged to directly submit through email their bids in the Department’s procurement activities to the Head of the BAC Secretariat of each Procuring Entity, which has a dedicated email addresses assigned.

Contractors are advised to refer to the Department Order 87 published on the DPWH website www.dpwh.gov.ph for the respective emails of the procuring entities in the Central Office, Regional and District Engineering Offices and for more detailed instruction of the new online bidding system.