Drainage Improvement Project in Paco, Manila Almost Complete

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) announced the nearing completion of the drainage improvement along Antonio Isip Jr. Street, Paco, Manila since its commencement in March 2018.

In his report, DPWH NCR Director Ador G. Canlas said that the drainage project in Paco, Manila is 220 lm. long with approximately 100 lm. which was upgraded to concrete.

The South Manila District Engineering Office, which implements and monitors the completion of the project implemented the drainage improvement funded through FY 2018 GAA with a total cost of P18.985 million.

The improvement of drainage along Isip Street also consists of the following scope of works: Embankment, Aggregate Sub-base Course, Aggregate Base Course, Pipe Culverts RCPC (910 mm dia., Class IV), Manholes (910 mm dia.), Portland Cement Concrete Pavement and Pavement Markings Reflectorized Thermoplastic (White).

“With the completion of the Isip Street Paco Manila drainage system, DPWH has addressed the safety and health conditions of the residents as well as ease flooding on adjacent streets especially during this rainy season,” Director Canlas added.