P6.6 Billion Allocated for FY 2016 Regional Office Implemented Projects

Friday, June 10, 2016

A total amount of P6.609 Billion is allotted for infrastructure programs of the Regional Office for fiscal year 2016, based on the FY 2016 General Appropriations Act (GAA) of Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Region VI, according to Regional Director Wenceslao M. Leaño, Jr.

Said amount corresponds to a total of 77 projects, 11 of which have appropriation of P150.0 Million and above, while 51 projects have appropriation of P50.0 Million up to P150.0 Million and 15 projects have appropriation of below P50.0 Million.

To date, 29 projects are already on-going while 24 projects are for issuance of Notice to Proceed (NTP), 6 projects were bid out just recently and 18 projects are still under Preliminary Detailed Engineering (PDE) stage.

Said programmed projects are being implemented or to be implemented by the Regional Office in various provinces in the region.

Dir. Leaño is positive that these projects will be implemented smoothly as planned and he is going to conduct regular inspection and fast-track the implementation to ensure that projects will be completed on time.

Dir. Leaño also instructed project engineers of the Regional Office to make sure that possible obstructions such as road-right-of-way and public utilities be cleared before the project implementation.

Among the projects to be implemented by the Regional Office with the budget of more than P150.0 Million are a) Construction of Kalibo Circumferential Road, Calangcang to Mina Section in Kalibo, Aklan with the allocation of P250.0 Million; b) Construction of road leading to Sibalom Natural Park and other tourist destinations in Sibalom, Antique in the amount of P200.0 Million; c) Widening of Iloilo-Capiz Road (New Route) in Cuartero, Capiz in the amount of P190.730 Million; d) Upgrading (from gravel to paved) of San Miguel-Sebaste Road in Sibunag, Guimaras with the appropriation of P180.213 Million; and e) Construction of P200.0-Million Tumagbok Bridge in Miagao, Iloilo along Iloilo-Antique Road.

Currently, the Regional Office is implementing road and bridge projects with the allocation of not more than P150.0 Million such as: Widening of Aklan East Road in the amount of P100.0 Million; Completion of Solong Bridge with Approaches in Antique province with the budget of P98.0 Million; Construction of Dumalag-Mambusao Road in Capiz with the allocation of P100.0 Million; Construction of Mantangingi Bridge in Guimaras in the amount of P57.0 Million; and Road Opening of Nabitasan-San Rafael By-pass Road in Iloilo City in the amount of P134.912 Million.

Said infrastructure projects are expected to answer the traffic congestion in the national roads as well as to provide convenient access to identified tourist destinations in various provinces in the region.