18 farm-to-market roads completed in central Iloilo

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), in convergence with the Department of Agriculture (DA), has improved a total of 18 farm-to-market roads (FMRs) in the third and fourth legislative district of Iloilo province.

In a report, DPWH Iloilo Second District Engineer Sanny Boy O. Oropel said through the DPWH-DA convergence program, 18 local roads costing P 118.4 million were paved in the central part of Iloilo, specifically in the municipalities of Calinog, Pototan, Janiuay, Dueñas, Bingawan, Mina, Cabatuan, Maasin, Anilao, San Enrique, Banate, and Dumangas.

According to Engineer Oropel, the newly concreted roads with combined length of 13.1 kilometers now allow faster and cost-efficient transportation of agricultural produce of farmers who are the main beneficiaries of the projects.

“With the completion of our FMRs, locals in the recipient barangays are also able to have better access to hospitals, schools, and more urbanized towns for better employment opportunities,” said Engineer Oropel.

Major projects completed are the 2.2-kilometer FMR from Barangay Lay-ahan to Sinuagan in Pototan costing 19.1 million; and the 1-kilometer FMR each in Barangay Banugan in Dueñas town and Barangay Baje San Julian to Barangay Owak in Calinog both costing P9.4 million.

DPWH also implemented the concreting of roads from Barangay Ulayan to Bacuyo and Barangay Ipil to Lonoy in the town of Calinog costing P4.7 million and P9.5 million respectively and of Barangay Pispis to Layog Road and Barangay Tubang to Nagba to Bolo in Maasin town costing P6.9 million and P2.8 million respectively as well as the FMR projects in Barangay Alabidhan, Bingawan; Barangay Purog to Guinacas, Pototan; Barangay San Antonio, San Enrique; Barangay Caloogan to Igang, Pototan and Barangay Cabalabaguan, Mina, Barangay Damires to Tamuan, Janiuay costing P4.7 million each, as well as in Barangay Sulanga, Cabatuan costing P6.6 million; Barangay Serallo, Anilao and Barangay Merced to Carmelo, Banate costing P4.9 million each; Barangay Tamboilan to Bolilao, Dumagas costing P7 million; Barangay Baje San Julian to Owak, Calinog costing P9.4 million; and Barangay Lay-ahan to Sinuagan Road in Pototan town costing P19.1 million.

Other than the 18 projects, two (2) more DPWH-DA convergence projects are substantially completed and are being fast-tracked for completion by the DPWH in Central Iloilo. This include the P23.6 million concreting of Barangay Tabuc Suba to Linao Road in Barotac Nuevo and the P4.8 million concreting of Barangay Quipot Road in the municipality of Janiuay.