DPWH sets strict bidders qualification: No projects for low-performing contractors with on-going delayed projects

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is steadfast in curbing the corruption in its organization to another level by improving its procurement process for its civil works to ensure that DPWH projects are completed without delay.

DPWH Undersecretary for Regional Operations in Mindanao Dimas S. Soguilon, went on his rounds of regional inspections and arrived in Butuan City, Caraga region on August 23, 2018 and personally elucidated on-point details of Department Order 127 series of 2018 – Strict Application of RA 9184 in the conduct of Post Qualification of Bidders with Delayed On-going Contracts with the DPWH.

“This directive came from the President himself. We know since he assumed office he already vowed to stop corruption and he always special mention DPWH because he knows the tricks of the trade”, Usec. Soguilon opened during the special conference meeting he called on the following day, August 24, to meet the key officials of DPWH-XIII.

“We have run of data and statistics analysis of projects using the Project and Contract Management Application (PCMA). The top management found out surprising result which is believed to be one of the main elements for the delays in project implementation. For this reason we drafted DO 127 and it was discussed and painstakingly studied with Secretary Mark A. Villar before he signed and issued this order.”, he added.

Usec. Soguilon referred to the system in the procurement process where contractors, despite having on-going contracts and incurring negative performance in projects are still able to participate in project biddings and win multiple contracts across other regions.

“Verification and validation of the contractor’s competence, performance and capability to implement DPWH project is the key for our projects to be delivered to our stakeholders right on time,” he said.

In the DO 127, low-performing contractors with on-going government contracts incurring negative slippages of at least 15% in single contract or 10% in two or multiple contracts are now disqualified to enter into a bidding of projects.

Further, they are also disqualified if found and reported to construct substandard output as per contract plans and specifications, and unsatisfactory performance of contractor’s obligations as per contract terms and conditions; and if they have on-going operation with a contract under liquidated damages.

The undersecretary closed his discussion on this matter with a strong warning to all concerned DPWH-XIII officials especially manning and supervising the procurement process, that they take full responsibility should they fail to impose DO 127 resulting to allow unqualified contractors to implement projects subsequently incurring low performance and failure to meet scheduled targets due to lack of capability.

Under sections 50(B)(4), and 50(D)(1), and 50(F), Rule 10 of the 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service (2017 RACCS) the concerned government officials or employees, including the concerned BAC members, will be subjected to administrative penalties, in accordance with the range of penalties prescribed – at very least, reprimand and dismissal from service, at worst.

Usec. Soguilon also listened to the queries of DPWH officials who sought advices in addressing the prevailing difficulties that are presently encountered in their office operations, afterward, he went out to inspect DPWH projects within the city particularly the access roads to ports.