LPA Rendered CARAGA Roads Impassable

Monday, January 13, 2014

Incessant moderate to heavy rains due to a low pressure area over the weekend has rendered some roads in CARAGA (Region 13) and Davao Region (Region 11) as impassable.

The Department of Public Works and Highways-Caraga (DPWH-13 has reported landslides, road slips, and floods in different parts of the region particularly along the national highways, which were rendered temporarily closed to public traffic.

Among those rendered not passable due to major landslides are: NRJ Cuevas-Bislig Road, Asuncion_San Isidro-Laak-Veruela Road, SDCR-Nurcia Section, Jct. Gamut-San Miguel-Bayugan Road, Payasan-Los Arcos and SDCR-Mahayahay, Bislig City.

Secretary Rogelio L. Singson ordered the conduct of immediate clearing operations by the DPWH Regional and District Engineering Offices with jurisdiction to landslide affected areas to clear the roads from debris and render it safely passable to all types of vehicles.

On the other hand, flooded carriageways are still covered with at least 0.3 meters of water. Badly hit was National Road Junction (NRJ) Cuevas-Bislig Road, Sta. Maria Section that is submerged in water with at least 1.50 meters depth. Other roads closed due to flood are: NRJ Barobo-Agusan del Sur Bdry. Road 1.2 meters, SDCR-San Vicente Barobo Section 1.0m, NRJ Awa-Lianga Road, Anibongan Section 1.0 m, along Agusan-Davao Road, Bunawan Brook 1.0 m and near Solibao Bridge .8 meters depth.

As of 8 a.m., traffic along NRJ Cuevas-Bislig Road is diverted to Trento-San Francisco-Barobo Road as it is still not passable while Jct. Gamut-San Miguel Bayugan Road, NRJ Barobo-Agusan del Sur Bdry. and SDCR-San Vicente, Barobo are already passable to all types of vehicles.

Meanwhile, DPWH maintenance personnel are still on full alert status for other possible effects of the LPA as cloudy weather is still being observed.