DPWH-DBM conducts Full Time Delivery Unit Meeting

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Department of Public Works and Highways Regional Office 02 headed by Regional Director Melanio C. Briosos led the 10th Regional Staff conference and Full time delivery meeting with the Department of Budget and Management on November 6, 2017 held at the DPWH R02 conference hall, Carig, Tuguegarao City.

The meeting was attended by DBM Assistant Regional Director Alice R. Trinidad, Division Chiefs and District Engineers together with District Accountants and other Regional staff.

Latest policy direction and instructions from the DPWH Management Committee were discussed by Director Briosos. He urged the conferees to fast-track the implementation of infrastructure activities to improve the regional performance. He emphasized the need to improve the accomplishment rating of respective district offices to uplift the region’s standing.

DBM staff and Finance Chief Wilhelmina Arao discussed salient points on Budget Reform Bill and Budget Utilization Rate. DBM-DOF-NEDA JC No. 2017-01 National Government Fiscal Calendar was also tackled briefly in the agenda.

 The Director resolutely reiterated the department’s commitment to complete all infrastructure projects for 2017 and prior years. Briosos also issued a challenge toward the attendees, to step up financial spending, improve Absorptive Capacity, Disbursement and NCA utilization for the remainder of the year.

Also in the agenda were the issues and concerns of the regional staff which was discussed by the respective Division Chiefs. Among the topics were the presentation of the new department orders and instructions from the Central Office.

Lastly, the conferees were also given recommendations by ARD Trinidad and clarified financial related issues such as procurement, purchase of Motor Vehicles and status of Basic Education Facilities.