N.Bacalso Avenue - F. Llamas Avenue depressed structure

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cebu City will be a witness to the emergence of a depressed/underpass structure that will soon be constructed at the intersection of N. Bacalso and F. Llamas Avenues. The structure is intended to increase road capacity and maintain effective traffic flow along these roads. The project will be composed of two-lane underpass and two-lane service roads on both sides paved with asphalt mix on concrete pavement. The project has a length 0f 700 meters with 620 meters of underpass. It has a carriageway width of 7.30 m and a vertical clearance of 5.22 meters at its lowest point.

The project is under the supervision of the DPWH Regional Office 7 and is under contract with WT Construction Incorporated Joint Venture with CEDCO Engineers Consortium in the amount of P683.294 Million through a Design and Build Scheme. The duration of the project is 720 calendar days. At present, the design phase has already been completed and the implementation stage would soon commence. Considering that this route has a heavily congested traffic, the DPWH exhausted possible means to disseminate information as to the traffic management and scheme once the implementation will commence. Series of consultations were conducted, both with local government unit and other related organization and entities.

During the construction period, there will be rerouting scheme that will be instituted for public vehicles. These schemes were presented/consulted with all concerned society groups. Dry run was conducted and all issues observed were properly addressed. Full implementation is expected in the second week of July of 2017.