Bidding and Award Procedures

Per IRR of RA 9184

The following outlines the steps for locally-funded projects. Foreign funded project procedures are based upon the rules of the specific lending institution.

  1. Preparation of Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP)
  2. Pre-procurement conference
  3. Advertisement / Posting
  4. Application for Eligibility / Expression of Interest
  5. Eligibility evaluation, including notification of eligible and ineligible bidders
  6. Issuance of bid documents
  7. Site inspection
  8. Pre-bid conference
  9. Submission / Opening of bids
  10. Bid Evaluation
  11. Post-qualification
  12. BAC Deliberation and Approval of Resolution of Award
  13. Contract Preparation and Approval
  14. Issuance of Notice to Proceed