Villar: R-10 Construction Resumes After Six Presidents

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

After six presidents, Department of Secretary Mark Villar announced that the road traversing the old Smokey Mountain area congested by informal settlers will soon turn into a high capacity highway helping offset the usual heavy volume of vehicles in major highways like EDSA and C5.

“Filipinos will soon have access to an improved and widened Radial Road 10 or R-10 which they may opt to use as alternate route to EDSA via Bonifacio Drive and Roxas Boulevard in travelling from north to south and vice versa,” Villar said.

“We have completed the clearing of illegal structures along the road right-of-way. We will now resume construction activities for the full completion of the upgrading and widening of the remaining section particularly at Pacheco, Tondo area,” he added.

The 9.7 kilometers R-10 stretching from Delpan Bridge, Tondo, Manila to the mouth of the Malabon River at Bangkulasi Bridge, C-4 Road in Navotas City may be used as an alternate route to EDSA and C5 for motorists travelling from Quezon City to Manila and Pasay.

“The Bangkulasi Bridge at the end of C-4 in Navotas City has also been recently opened following the relocation of informal settler families previously occupying the foot of the bridge,” Villar said.

Villar said that the project will not only ease traffic congestion but also enhance economic efficiency and competitiveness of the the export industry by providing faster and more reliable freight movement.

“The Duterte administration is committed to speeding up implementation of infrastructure projects. We are commited to opening R10 January 2017,” Villar said.