Villar: Permit for Infra-Projects Need to Be Government to Government

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Department of Public Works and Highways’ Mark Villar reiterated the need to secure permits for infra-projects government to government.

"Following President Duterte's mandate to cut down corruption and streamline the process, DPWH is proposing that permits, licenses are secured government to government," Villar said.

"Instead of contractors going to department agencies, local government units, DPWH would like to centralize the processing inside the Department," he added.

Villar said that while existing laws, local ordinances would need to be revised, the special power if granted would facilitate this shift more efficiently.

"We're also hoping to have a court dedicated specifically to handling right of way issues. Upon assessment, most slippages are caused by the need to acquire private lands, relocate informal settler families," Villar said.

"We have cascaded 24/7 operations in select projects located in Visayas and Mindanao. We are instituting reforms with whatever is allowable but a grant of special powers would effectively fast-track our projects," he added.