DPWH Region IV-A Attends DRRM Teams Training Workshop

Monday, October 27, 2014

A two-day workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction Management was held at DPWH Region IV-A on October 8 and 10, 2014 conducted by Engr. Dolores T. Ortiz of Safety and Disaster Management and Coordination Division in coordination with the Human Resource and Administrative Service.

The training focused in the Four Thematic Areas of DRRM: prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response, rehabilitation and recovery . A timely training considering the frequent exposure of the Philippines to numerous disasters, it is aimed to provide DRRM members with basic knowledge or concepts and orient them on the roles of DPWH Officials in times of disaster.

The speaker discussed the operational guidelines for National Disaster Response Plan (NDRP) and the communication protocol to ensure that the response is timely and well-coordinated in order to comply with the disaster response objectives.

It also introduced the Incident Command System as a standardized, all-hazards incident management concept for many agencies to smoothly work together during disasters.

At the end of the training, the members participated in the stimulation exercises and evaluation exams. They have exchanged questions and answers , suggested solutions, and cited previous experiences.