Reliable Transport Infrastructure Seen in the Completion of the Laoag City-By-Pass Road

Monday, April 25, 2016

In Ilocos Norte, reliable transport infrastructure is seen in the completion of the construction of the Phase three of the Laoag City-By-Pass Road once it will be opened to public transport. DPWH Regional Director Melanio C. Briosos said the road construction of the By-pass was completed last January 31, 2016. It has a total contract cost of Php353.463 million pesos in its road construction. The Laoag City-By Pass has a 7.93 kilometers length of road.

While its Phase Four is still on-going, Project Engineer Angelito A. Dian said the Phase Four of the Laoag City By-Pass Road is consist of a new bridge construction and now has a 30% accomplishment. The construction of the bridge that crosses the Laoag-Padsan River has a contract amount of Php616, 549 million pesos is expected to be completed October 26, 2018.

The Laoag By-Pass Road project is located west of the Laoag City proper, beginning at the junction of the Laoag Airport Road and the Laoag-Paoay Road and ends at Barangay Barit along the Laoag-Allacapan road. When completed it is expected to provide an alternate route to those traversing the city’s Central Business District. Overall, the construction of the bypass road supports the thrust of the region of providing adequate and dependable transport infrastructure to sustain the region’s agricultural, industrial and tourism effort. Once completed it will enhance the movement of people, goods and services not only within the city proper but within Ilocos Norte and the rest of Region 1.