No Let Up in Purging DPWH Erring Employees - DPWH Chief

Thursday, September 18, 2014

“I won’t hesitate suspending or terminating erring DPWH personnel who are members of the Bids and Awards Committees (BACs) conniving with contractors or with unscrupulous individuals found to be “fixing” the biddings in the Department.”

This is the statement of DPWH Secretary Rogelio L. Singson after receiving reports that activities such as “fixing” the biddings done in the DPWH offices are still on-going despite the suspension of some BAC members who were found culpable of violating the provisions of RA 9184, otherwise known as Procurement Act.

Secretary Singson said that he continues to monitor the results of biddings for DPWH projects conducted by the Central, Regional and District Engineering Offices. “From the data alone, we can conclude that some contractors are favored in some of these offices. There are also patterns wherein same contractors are joining in the bidding process where winning bidders are rotated among them,” said Secretary Singson.

It is reported that there are “fixers” roaming around DPWH offices in the country who peddle projects and contractors by showing copies of the Special Allotment Release Orders or SAROs issued by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for DPWH projects. Names of individuals are being monitored.

“This also means that there are DPWH “insiders” who are involved in this practice of “selling” SAROs to contractors,” said Secretary Singson.

The “modus” is, with a copy of the SARO issued by DBM, fixers approach contractors with a promise of winning the bidding in exchange for 10%-15% of the contract. “This shows that these fixers obviously have strong connections with DPWH officials or employees, more often than not, the BAC members.”

“These fixers even get a copy of the SAROs before we officially receive them from DBM”, he added.

Secretary Singson has already ordered a thorough investigation on these DPWH officials or employees as well as names of alleged fixers.

“Violations of RA 9184 and other procurement laws will be dealt with swiftly, as in recent situations were district engineering employees were suspended,” added Secretary Singson.

The DPWH Chief is appealing to contractors to participate in DPWH biddings in an open and competitive manner whereby savings that will be derived from this process shall be used to fund other DPWH projects to benefit the people.

Secretary Singson further warned the contractors found to be involved in collusion and fixing the biddings will be immediately suspended or worse, blacklisted from future biddings of the DPWH.