North-Luzon East Expressway Project, Stage 1 (La Mesa Parkways Project)

Project Description: 

The La Mesa Parkways is a 19 km. toll road which starts at Commonwealth - La Mesa and ends at Bigte, Norzagaray utilizing the Right-of-Way of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) with an interchange at San Jose del Monte, Bulacan (Tungkong Mangga).

Project Objectives: 

This project aims to:

  • ease the traffic congestion of Northeast Metro Manila while providing a new scenic corridor to Northeast Luzon destination.
  • develop a balanced constructed ecosystem to sustain a positive environmental impact.

  • serve as a water management system, flood and other surface runoff water will be collected and delivered to La Mesa. Using ingenuity and assets on hand, in-pipe turbines will be installed to produce renewable electricity.
  • With the assurance to:

    - provide authorized access, monitoring and routine maintenance to aqueduct fittings along the toll roads and right-of-way.

    - ensure structural integrity and strategic security of the MWSS underground aqueducts, facilities and accessories.

Project Concessionaire: 

Ausphil Tollways Corporation (ATC)

Project Cost: 
  • P 7.8 B inclusive of Civil Works and Fixed Operating Equipment (FOE).

Project Status: 
  • The La Mesa Parkways Project was originally proposed in 2001 to the MWSS by the Ausphil Tollways Corporation (ATC) to develop, design, construct, finance, operate and maintain a toll facility under the Build-Operate-Transfer and its Implementing Rules and Regulations 1999 (BOT IRR 1999) scheme.
  • Notice of Award (NOA) was issued by MWSS on May 2007.
  • PPPS informed NEDA regarding the legal review of PPP Center and informed the latter that the project was endorsed to NEDA for 2nd pass approval by the Board
  • During the ICC-TB Meeting conducted last 28 February 2018, NEDA instructed DPWH to provide justifications regarding the previous approval of the project.
  • PPPS drafted a letter to NEDA in response to their instructions.
  • For Evaluation 
Project Alignment: