C5 South Link Project

Project Description: 
  • Construction of 2x3 lane expressway along Coastal Road (R-1) to SLEX/C-5 Road with a total length of about 7.737 kilometers.
Project Objectives: 
  • To decongest city traffic
  • To connect major business districts in Makati/Taguig area to Cavite/Parañaque/Las Piñas
  • To provide faster and efficient regional movement of people and goods
Project Benefits: 
  • Seamless expressway connections between the R-1 Coastal Expressway and C-5 Road
  • Higher development impact
  • Will generate at least 1000 jobs during construction phase and at the operation and maintenance phase
Project Concessionaire: 
  • CIC (formerly UEM-MARA Phils)
Project Cost: 
  • Estimated Construction Cost: Php 12.0 Billion
Project Status: 
  • Construction at Segment 3A-1
  • DED preparation for Segments 2, 3B and 3A-2
  • ROW Acquisition
  • Ongoing 
Project Alignment: 
Project Timeline: 
Revised Project Phasing (Construction) 
Phase 1: C-5 to Merville2nd Quarter 2017 - 4th Quarter 2018
Phase 2: Merville to Sucat2nd Quarter 2018 - 2nd Quarter 2019
Phase 3: Sucat to R-13rd Quarter 2018 - 4th Quarter 2019
Target Full Operation1st Quarter 2020