NLEX HARBOR LINK PROJECT (Segments 8.1, 8.2, 9 & 10)

Project Description: 

The project involves the 21.65-km extension of the NLEX from Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City to the C-3 (Circumferential Road 3) in Caloocan City and to Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.


A) SEGMENT 8.2 – is a proposed 8.35-kms 4-lane divided expressway from Segment 8.1 at Mindanao Avenue to Republic Avenue turning right to Luzon Avenue up to Commonwealth in Quezon City.

B) SEGMENT 10 - is an 8.18-km. elevated expressway connecting McArthur Highway, Valenzuela and R-10, Navotas City that will utilize the existing PNR railroad tracks and will traverse the C-3 Road in Caloocan City and Navotas City.


Project Sections

Length (km)

Number of Lanes

McArthur Highway, Valenzuela to C-3 Road, Caloocan City


6 (3 in both directions)

C-3 Road, Caloocan City to R-10, Navotas City (Spur Link)


4 (2 in both directions)



C) SEGMENT 9 - is a 2.42-km. 4-lane (2x2) that connects NLEX Mindanao Avenue Link (Segment 8.1) at the SMART Connect Interchange to McArthur Highway in Valenzuela City.

D) SEGMENT 8.1 - a 2.7-km expressway connecting the NLEX, at its Valenzuela City junction, to Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City. A major component is the Cloverleaf SMART Connect Interchange crossing the main expressway. It provided motorists with alternative entry and exit ramps to the NLEX.

Project Benefits: 


  • Reduce travel time from Mindanao Avenue going to Commonwealth Avenue from 45 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Will benefit 45,000 motorists per day


This project aims to:

  • decongest Metro Manila by providing access to the NLEX without passing through EDSA or the Balintawak Toll Plaza;
  • improve the movement of cargo from the Port of Manila by providing a direct connection between R10 (Radial Road 10) and NLEX; and
  • reduce the travel time from NLEX Valenzuela to R10 from 23 to 11 minutes via Balintawak-EDSA Monumento, and from 26 to 13 minutes via Balintawak-A. Bonifacio/C3
Project Concessionaire: 

Manila North Tollways Corp. (MNTC)



Project Cost: 


Project Cost:       P 7.45 Billion 


Project Cost:       P 15.00 Billion


Project Cost:       P 1.70 Billion 


 Project Cost:       P 2.10 Billion


Project Status: 


  • SEGMENT 8.2
  • Detailed Engineering Design (DED) approved by TRB.
  • Approved Parcellary Plans were endorsed to DPWH by TRB for ROW Acquisition.
  • DPWH has organized a ROW Task Force for the acquisition of Right-of-Way
  • Ongoing issuance of Notices of Taking in Ugong, Valenzuela and Quezon City

     SEGMENT 9

  • Completed and opened to the public on March 19, 2015.

     SEGMENT 10

  • Ongoing Right-of-Way Acquisition by the DPWH
  • Actual percentage of acquisition (using PPP parameters) is 94.0% 

     SEGMENT 8.1

  • Completed and opened to the public on June 2010.
Project Alignment: 
Project Timeline: 


  •  ROW Acquisition is from 2nd Quarter of 2017 to 4th Quarter of 2018
  • Construction Period is from 1st Quarter of 2019 to mid-2021
  • (Construction may proceed earlier depending on the availability of ROW)


Date Started                                                         :    May 22, 2014

Target Completion Date                                         :    January 2019

Target Completion Date (Spur Link)                        :     June 2019

Total Accomplishment as of 25 May 2018                :     75.00%