Project Description: 
  • The MMSS–3 Project is an elevated expressway over its entire length from Buendia, Makati City to Balintawak, Quezon City with a distance of about 14.82 kms. and also includes improvement works in selected at–grade sections.
  • It is designed to pull in and ease traffic and access through eight (8) strategically located interchanges: these being at Buendia, Pres. Quirino Avenue, Plaza Dilao and Nagtahan, Aurora Boulevard, E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon Avenue, Sgt. Rivera and Balintawak with a total of fourteen (14) Toll Plazas. It will be the motorists' choice corridor servicing Metro Manila intercity travelers.
Project SectionsLength (kms.)No. of Lanes
1Buendia, Makati to Plaza Dilao, Manila3.766 (3 lanes, both direction)
2Plaza Dilao to Aurora Blvd., Manila3.546 (3 lanes, both direction)
3Aurora Blvd. to Quezon Ave., QC2.716 (3 lanes, both direction)
4Quezon Ave., QC to Bonifacio Ave.4.816 – Quezon Ave to Sgt Rivera
4 – Sgt Rivera to Balintawak
 Buendia to Bonifacio Ave.14.82 kms. 

General Features:

No. of Lanes:6 lanes (2x3): Buendia to Del Monte Toll Plaza;
4 lanes (2x2): Del Monte Toll Plaza to Balintawak;
Double Deck Structure (2–1x3) from Nagtahan to
Aurora Blvd; and Del Monte to Sgt. Rivera.
No. of On/Off Ramp:22
No. of Toll Plazas:14
Design Speed:80 kph / 60 kph (as per TOR)
Construction Period:36 months
Project Objectives: 
  • To complete Metro Manila Skyway System from Alabang to Balintawak as part of the approved agreement by the Philippine Government and the Business Joint Venture Agreement (BJVA) between Citra Lamtoro Gung Persada (CLP) and the Philippine National Construction Company (PNCC).
  • To connect the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).
  • To decongest traffic in Metro Manila especially C4 (EDSA), C5 (CP Garcia) and Central Metro Manila.
Project Benefits: 
Monitoring PublicGovernment
Decongest EDSA & other major roads (Quezon Ave., Araneta Ave., Nagtahan, Quirino Ave, etc) by as much as 55,000 vehicles DAILY based on initial projected patronageAdditional road infrastructure at no cost to government;
Lesser travel time, Buendia–Balintawak from usual 2 hours to 15 to 20 minutesReduces economic losses due to traffic congestion which is estimated at P2.4 billion daily (based on JICA study).
Lesser Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC) (gasoline expenses, etc); more than offset the cost of toll fee.Provides direct employment of around 6,000 jobs during construction plus additional of around 10-12 thousand indirect jobs
Less pollutionPromotes economic development, business expansion and tourism in and outside Metro Manila.
Increased quality time for family, etcMore revenues to the government in the form of taxes (i.e. income tax, business tax, VAT, etc.)
Increased safety & security during travel 
Project Concessionaire: 

Project Proponent:


Implementing Agency:

   Toll Regulatory Board (TRB)

Project Cost: 

Php 37.43 B

Project Status: 
  • Ongoing construction, 37.00% completed as of December 25, 2017
  • Ongoing ROW Acquisition.
  • Ongoing preparation of DED for Skyway Stage 3 Connection to NLEX and Section 2 San Juan River Alignment
  • Ongoing preparation of DED for Skyway to NLEX Balintawak Ramp Section
  • Ongoing dismantling of affected improvements in Sincere
  • Ongoing census and tagging of affected families
  • No approved parcellary plan in Section 3 and 4 yet.
  • Ongoing
Project Alignment: 
Project Timeline: 


  • January 2015 – January 2019