Projects in the ifrastructure sector have to contend with a number of gender issues, 
including the following:

  •     Different Groups of users may have a divergent requirements bases on seasonality 
        and location of their activities. Projects that are designed without considering the 
        variations may have a great impact on women's workload and access to resources.

  •     Women are rarely considered for employment in construction sites, although there are 
        areas in which woman have traditionally benn invlolved in ground-breaking tasks.
        Most projects do not view women as potential workers. Where women workeres need
        to move close to the worksite, they require secure and safe areas in construction camps.

  •     Gender gaps are often found in women and men's participation in user's goups that are
        organized to operate and maintain facilities 
        (health centers, domestic water systems, and irrigation systems).

  •     Involuntary resettlement can and do affect women and men differently.