The DPWH, in line with the government's policy on transparency and in compliance with DBM Circular Letter No. 2013-16 entitled "Implementation of the Expanded Modified Direct Payment Scheme (ExMDPS) for Accounts Payable Due Creditors/Payees of All National Government Agencies (NGAs)" hereby posts for the public the LDDAP-ADA issued by its respective Offices.

This page contains the list of all payees and the amount paid in a specific LDDAP-ADA issuance (Batch No.). Pertinent information contained postings are UACS complaint. These include the: implementing office, fund code, NCA Number, MDS sub-account number, and remarks for any other necessary information. A scanned copy of the document is also posted for cross reference. All LDDAP-ADA are updated by the implementing offices if acknowledged or has been validated by the bank

Payees such as suppliers and contractors are required to issue official receipts in the name of DPWH after the amount is credited to their respective accounts.