DPWH warns public against fraud

The public and stakeholders are warned against INCREASING FRAUDULENT SCHEMES by individuals falsely representing DPWH Officials or posing as their staff in order to solicit money for projects and/or personal favor.

DPWH received reports that certain individuals named Engineer Silva (0949-307-4531), Alberto D. Arbizo (0961-300-8400), Anthony C. Segundo (0938-090-7766) and Gerry Ramos have been allegedly misrepresenting DPWH officials and contacting stakeholders in separate occasions, allegedly asking for monetary entitlements through deposits.

Please be informed that these solicitations are fraudulent, unauthorized and unlawful.

Public officials and employees, including DPWH personnel, are prohibited by the law from soliciting any form of compensation or fees in the performance of their duty.

Furthermore, official transactions with the Department should be conducted in proper offices, with complete documentary requirements and within office hours.

The public is encouraged to immediately report similar cases or any suspicious undertaking to the DPWH Stakeholders Relations Service at 304-3370 or DPWH Hotline (02) 165-02.