Metro Cebu Expressway (Cebu Circumferential Road)

Project Description: 

Approximately 73.75 KM long high standard arterial road planned to meet Metro Cebu's existing and future traffic demand. The project will serve as another north-south backbone highway providing a seamless traffic flow from Naga City up to Danao City traversing along the slopes of the mountain range of Cebu Province and is expected to significantly address the traffic congestion within Metro Cebu especially its urban core and Central Business Districts.

The proposed Cebu Circumferential Road, based on the FS report of DPWH Region VII consultant, is a South to North Bypass Road along the hills of Metro Cebu and is divided into three (3) segments. The stationing and the corresponding lengths of each station is shown below:

SegmentStationingLength (km)
1Minglanila/Talisay Bdry-Cebu City-Mandaue/Consolacion Bdry26.800
17 + 150 - 43 + 950
2Mandaue-Consolacion Bdry to Danao City29.799
43 + 950 - 73 + 748.57
3Naga City-Minglanila/Talisay Bdry17.150
0 + 000 - 17 + 150
Project Objectives: 
  • Improve and enhance Metro Cebu's seamless east-west, south-north urban inter-modal transport, economic and tourism corridors to meet future transport demand;
  • Link Metro Cebu's central, coastal, southern and northern urban districts and economic development with a new upland high standard, high capacity bypass;
  • Facilitate the movement of people and commerce from the Central Business Districts [CBDs], economic/export and tourism zones along Metro Cebu's 72-km RIA from south Naga City to north Danao City;
  • Contribute in redirecting future urban land-use, demographic and economic expansion by providing transport mobility across urban districts
Project Cost: 
  • PhP 28.1 Billion (including Road Right-of-Way)
Project Status: 
  • ·         An online Market Sounding Activity was conducted on 23 November 2020


    ·         The preparation of Pre-FS report by JICA consultant as part of updating of the HSH Masterplan Phase 2 is ongoing. Submission of draft final report to DPWH is targeted by JICA by the end of January 2021.


    ·         United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will undertake capacity building activities for the DPWH, including preparation of the pertinent documents /analysis for the development and packaging of the Project.


    ·         For Business Case/ Feasibility Study


Project Alignment: