Project Description: 


  • The Plaridel Bypass Road is an arterial road of 24.61 km that will link the NLEX in Balagtas, Bulacan with the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway, also called Maharlika Highway in San Rafael, Bulacan. It will bypass the town proper of Plaridel and urban areas of Pulilan and Baliuag along the existing Maharlika Highway, thus alleviate the perennial traffic congestion at the core urban areas along Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway road section from Plaridel to San Rafael, Bulacan.


    • The construction of Plaridel Bypass Road involves a total length of 24.61 kms. and eleven (11) bridges. It traverses the vast agricultural lands of five (5) municipalities in Bulacan namely; Balagtas, Guiguinto, Plaridel, Bustos and San Rafael. The Plaridel Bypass Road starts at Sta. 032+970.33 (Brgy. Borol in Balagtas) along the North Expressway and will connect the Maharlika Highway Sta. 057+365.733, in Brgy. Maasim, San Rafael, Bulacan. It is divided into four (4) contract packages, as follows:

PHASE I – Priority Contract Packages under JICA Loan No. PH-P236 as revised

    1. CP 1, Sta. 032+970.33 to Sta. 039+625
      Length: 6.87 kms and 2.40 kms. spur/access road
    2. CP 2, Sta. 039+625 to Sta. 047+400 
      Length: 7.78 kms and 7 bridges

    PHASE II – Remaining Contract Packages under JICA Loan No. PH-P250)

      1. CP 3, Sta. 047+400 to Sta. 049+625
        Length: 2.22 kms and 2 Bridges
      2. CP 4, Sta. 049+625 to Sta. 057+365.733 
        Length: 7.74 kms and 2 Bridges
      Project Objectives: 
      • To manage and reduce traffic congestion.
      • Complement on-going, committed, and proposed projects for further enhancement and improvement of access that will encourage an increase in economic activities and productivity along its influence areas.
      Project Cost: 
      • Php 151,786,968.93 (Contract amount for the Consulting Services for the Procurement of Civil Works & Construction Supervision of the Arterial Road Bypass Project,Phase II)
      Project Status: 
      Under PMO-RMC
      1. Contract Package I of Plaridel Bypass Road
        The completed road starts at Sta. 32+970.00 at North Luzon Expressway in Brgy. Borol, Balagtas, Bulacan and ends at Sta. 39+625 in Brgy. Bulihan, Plaridel with a length of 6.87 km.
      2. Contract Package II of Plaridel Bypass Road
        The completed road bypass section covering about 7.78 kms starts at Sta. 39+625 (end of CP I) Bulihan, Plaridel and ends at Sta. 47+400 in Brgy. Bonga Manor, Bustos, Bulacan. It includes the construction of seven (7) new bridges, drainage facilities, slope protection works and furnishing of miscellaneous items.
      3. Contract Package III of Plaridel Bypass Road
        Construction Progress as of May 25, 2016 is 69.91 % based on the revised schedule due to Variation Order #1.
      4. Contract Package IV of Plaridel Bypass Road
        Notice to proceed issued to CM Pancho on May 16, 2016.
      Issuance of Bid DocumentsMarch 09, 2015
      Pre-bid ConferenceApril 14, 2015
      Submitted Bid Prequalification Evaluation of BiddersMay 12, 2015
      Opening of BidAugust 18, 2015
      Resolution of Notice of AwardJanuary 27, 2016
      Notice to ProceedMay 16, 2016
      Issues and Concerns: 
      • Though most of the Permits to Enter (PTEs) were already secured from Project Affected Persons (PAPs), payments of improvements and lots could not be done expeditiously because of the tedious documentations and COA requirements such as detailed as-built drawings of affected structures.