Project Description: 



  • Construction of a 4-lane expressway with a total length of 30.7 kms.
  • CLLEX forms an important lateral (east-west) link of overall high standard highway (or expressway) network within the 200km radius from Metro Manila.
  • It diverges from SCTEx at 2.5 km north of Luisita Interchange and traverses flat plain of Central Luzon in the east-west direction, then ends in Cabanatuan City.
  • The project will be financed through ODA while the Operation and Maintenance (O & M) will be under PPP.
    • Number of Interchanges – 5
    • Number of Bridge/Length – 7/1,886 meters
    • Number of Overpass/Underpass – 38
    • Embankment Height – 1.5 to 9 meters
    • Design Speed of Expressway – 100 km/h
    • Design Speed of Interchange ramps – 40 km/h
    • Equalizing Zone Length – 3.78 km.
Project Objectives: 
  • To provide fast, safe, comfortable and reliable means of transport in Region III (Central Luzon).
  • To decongest traffic on the Pan-Philippine Highway (Daang Maharlika)
  • To support the socio-economic development of Regional Growth Pole Cities of Tarlac and Cabanatuan, thus contributing to the decongestion in Metro Manila.
  • To form an important lateral (east-west) link for the overall expressway network of Region III.
  • To provide faster access from Metro Manila to Cabanatuan City which is the base (or hub) city for Pacific Ocean Coastal Area Development.
Project Cost: 
  • Original Total Project Cost – P 14,936 M
  • Construction Cost, Phase I – P 11,359 M
Project Status: 
  • Package 1 –Tarlac Section, Tarlac (4.1 km.) P 1.80 B 
    Schedule: March 2016-February 2019 
    Status: Contract Agreement under process
  • Package 2 –Rio Chico River Bridge Section, Tarlac and Nueva Ecija (6.4 km.) P 4.90 B 
    Schedule: July 2016-June 2019 
    Status: Waiting for the JICA concurrence on the result of PQ Evaluation
  • Package 3 –Aliaga Section, Nueva Ecija (9.2 km.) P 3.40 B 
    Schedule: May 2016-April 2019 
    Status: Resolution of Award for JICA concurrence
  • Package 4 –Cabanatuan Section (10.3 km) P3.00 B 
    Schedule: July 2016-June 2019 
    Status: Result of verification from the DFA for BAC deliberation
  • Package 5 –Construction of Zaragosa Interchange (bridge type) and access road of about 4.88 l.m., beginning of Contract Package 3 and ending at Tarlac-Sta. Rosa road including irrigation crossing (structure) P 0.65 B: 
    Status: Mylar Plans for approval by BOD
Project Alignment: 
Project Timeline: 
  • Date Started – February 2012
  • Target Completion July 2017