Sucat-Alabang Skyway Connection and Ramp Extensions Project

Project Description: 

• Three (3) lanes will be added from SLEX Muntinlupa to Skyway Main Toll Plaza (Northbound). There will be a new access from Alabang viaduct to Skyway Alabang-Zapote elevated toll plaza. Two (2) lanes will be added from Skyway Main Toll Plaza to SLEX Muntinlupa (Southbound).
• The Project includes construction of the following:
1. Northbound ramp from SLEX Muntinlupa to the Skyway Main Toll Plaza
2. Northbound ramp from Alabang viaduct to the Skyway Alabang Toll Plaza
3. Southbound ramp from the Skyway Main Toll Plaza to SLEX Muntinlupa
4. The Skyway Alabang Toll Plaza will also be widened to add more toll lanes to accommodate more motorists both from Northbound and Southbound directions

Project Objectives: 

This project aims to:
• Aid in the decongestion of traffic at the existing Metro Manila Skyway by providing a direct access to and from the elevated Skyway to South Luzon Expressway through the Alabang Viaduct
• Reduce travel time by around 50%, as motorists will be diverted from the at-grade segment of the Skyway to the elevated link for motorists who intend to go directly to and from SLEX and vice versa.

Project Concessionaire: 

• SMC Infrastructure

Project Cost: 

• Php 10.00 B

Project Status: 

• Soil investigation 100% completed
• 87 out of 94 (92.55%) bored piles completed
• Bored pile 1 to 4 remained to be driven subject to removal of existing on-ramp leading to Skyway
• Bored pile 5 to 7 to be driven simultaneous with demolition of ramp
• 84 out of 92 (91.30%) columns completed
• 82 out of 92 (89.13%) coping beams installed
• 8 out of 92 (8.70%) spans UB girders installed
• 438 precast deck slabs fabricated to date

• Soil investigation 92.55% accomplishment
• 75 out of 94 (79.79%) bored piles completed
• Bored pile 5 to 15 not yet completed due to existing down ramp from Sucat to SLEX-Alabang and presence of existing fuel/water pipelines
• Bored pile 58 to 61 not yet completed due to needed relocation of transmission lines
• Bored pile 67 not yet completed due to relocation of overhead transmission line by Meralco
• 24 out of 94 (25.53%) columns completed
• Ongoing concreting of columns (52.13% 1st lift)

Overall Project accomplishment: 38.26%

Project Alignment: 
Project Timeline: 

 Northbound: December 2020
 Southbound: July 2021