DPWH Says Yes to Cleanliness

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

n order to enhance and strengthen the implementation of D.O. 57, series of 2009 or the DPWH Solid Waste Management Policy, guidelines and procedures are issued pursuant to the provision of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the RA 9003 series of 2000.

The law prescribes that "All Government Offices at the national and local levels, within the executive, legislative and judicial branches, and government owned and controlled corporations shall ensure information, education and actual implementation of waste management program at the workplaces and work premises, including the pursuit of environment-friendly purchasing policies for their respective offices".

Aside from ensuring quality infrastructures, DPWH is also committed to safeguard the environment through proper waste segregation in all its offices. This shall be done with the four methods of implementation which are source reduction, reuse of materials, recycling, and purchase of recycled content materials. Every employee of this Department has a personal responsibility for implementing these guidelines.

A total of 36 sets of trash bins were delivered to make certain that proper segregation will be practiced. The segregation of waste materials will be according to the assigned color and markings for each recycle bin: green for papers, black for residuals and blue for plastic bottles and cans. As employee of the Department, each are expected to cooperate and responsibly follow the policy.

Employees caught violating shall be charged administratively and penalized in accordance with existing rules and regulations.