Villar: New Monitoring System, Geo-Tagging to Eliminate Ghost Projects

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Following the mandate of President Rodrigo Duterte to increase transparency and eliminate corruption, Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar is instituting reforms in the department which includes the national use of a new monitoring system with a built-in geotagging feature.

“We have rolled out the use of the Project and Contract Management Procedures and Application (PCMA). The new feature would enable the adding of geographic identification data to photos, videos, and other posts which allows other content from the same geographic location to be found,” Villar noted.

“By 2017, with the full implementation of the PCMA – we expect to detect any ghost project real-time, as they are posted in the system,” he added.

The new system would also serve as a tool for inspection and reflect the accomplishments of DPWH projects real-time. “The right to information does not end in the provision of data. There is a need to ensure that the public has access to quality information,” Villar said.

‘’The use of geo-tagging will provide a more accurate measurement of project accomplishments and at the same time determine whether certain infrastructures have been duplicated or if there are any instances of infrastructure overlap in the country.”, Villar added.

The PCMA is also expected to improve transparency and accountability of physical and financial outcomes through use of online geographic based status reporting and geo-tagged photos required for Contractor Claims processing.

“This administration is committed to the optimum use of people’s money. Safeguards will be put in place to ensure complete elimination of ghost projects,” Villar said.