DPWH-Contractors Coordination Meeting

Friday, July 4, 2014

Department of Public Works and Highways IX Regional Director Jorge U. Sebastian, Jr. warned contractors on their accomplishment during the coordination meeting held in the DPWH Conference Room last July 3, 2014. Sebastian cited the importance of the meeting crucial in assessing project implementation progress in compliance to the Secretary’s Policy instruction on target accomplished of 85% by December 2014.

He noticed that some contractors failed to accomplished more during dry season, how much more during the rainy season.

“This is unfair to the DPWH” RD Sebastian said. “We are trying our best to meet the target accomplishment”, he stressed.

He further recommended to the owners of the different construction firms implementing projects in the region to personally attend succeeding quarterly coordination meetings so that they will be aware of the problems of their on-going projects and that the recommendation of the office would be complied by them soonest possible so as not to delay project implementation.

With this, the contractors gave their commitment to comply with the target accomplishment of 85% by year end.

Also present during the meeting were ARD Nenita A. Robles, Division Chiefs, Contrators, and the Project Egnieers both from the DPWH and the contractor side.