DPWH Improves Palico - Balayan - Batangas City Road

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Four (4) projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways Batangas I District Engineering Office (Batangas I DEO) for the year 2014 were for Network Development – Widening of National Roads in various sections of Palico-Balayan-Batangas City Road in Western Batangas.

With a total of length of 2.07 kilometers, the road widening included sections in Mahayahay, Palanas, Bukal-Tubigan in Lemery, Batangas and Rizal in Tuy, Batangas.

The widening is expected to ease traffic congestion especially during summer seasons where thousands of tourists visit various beaches in Lemery and other coastal towns in Western Batangas. Likewise, traffic build-up will also be minimized during social and religious activities that occupy portions of the road. In the same way, agricultural and industrial products loaded in large trucks can easily be transported to and from processing plants. Transportation between southern and western part of Batangas will significantly improved.

The projects include application of pavement markings which will enhance road safety particularly at night or rainy weather. Drainage structures were also incorporated in the project so that flood waters will subside faster during heavy rainfall.

As of September 15, 2014, the Batangas I DEO is performing beyond its target with 76.93 percent over-all actual accomplishment against 75.04 percent planned accomplishment.

With positive 1.89 percent slippage, DPWH Batangas I DEO had completed 23 out of its 29 regular infrastructure projects for calendar year 2014.

The office also maintains 162.911 kilometers of national road and 48 bridges in good condition by working relentlessly, assuring the safety of the motoring public.

Besides its regular infrastructure projects, the office also implement school building programs funded by the Department of Education (DepEd) and Philippine Gaming Corporation (PAGCor). For this year, thirty one (31) academic buildings are nearing completion by October.

Headed by District Engineer Julie D. Vergara, with support from Assistant District Engineer Ben A. Aguzar and all staffs, DPWH Batangas I DEO is in unison with Secretary Rogelio L. Singson, and Region IV-A OIC-Regional Director, Samson L. Hebra, in striving for the realization of the department’s mission and vision.