DPWH Improved Access to Mt. Makiling

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The DPWH Laguna II District Engineering Office, in support to the key priorities of the Aquino Administration has continued to contribute a sustainable road network to ensure economic growth, reduction of poverty and global competitiveness. One of the most remarkable projects of this Office for CY 2014 is the “Construction/Improvement of Access Road Leading to Declared Tourism Destinations at Mt. Makiling Eco-Tourism Road, Los Banos, Laguna.” The project includes concreting of road with 1,134 linear meters, width of 5.00 meters including shouldering works.

The Mt. Makiling which is considered as one of the 32 Key Eco-Tourism Sites in the Philippines and Diversity of Eco-Tourism Activities has to be developed for this would provide quality outdoor recreations opportunities and tourism facilities which in turn would definitely help in our economic development. The improvement of the access road may also provide better opportunities to the local people who has depended on the tourists for their livelihood, thus will help in poverty reduction.

The Laguna II DEO as well as the other District Offices has proven also their great involvement during times of disasters. When typhoon “Glenda”, considered to be one of the most powerful storms hit the country, this Office immediately visited the affected areas through the District’s Disaster Risk Reduction Management Team under the leadership of District Engineer Joel F. Limpengco and Assistant District Engineer Danilo J. Villa, Jr. The communications are kept accessible thru the Administrative Officer and Public Information Officer. The Logistics, Safety and Operations Heads were also created wherein aside from the deployment of manpower, several equipments are being utilized to quickly clear choke points in the drainage system and more importantly the national roads to make them passable. This Office also maintained close coordination with other government agencies and local officials to work hand-in-hand during this time.

As such, the Department is involved not only in ensuring quality and safety of our national road network but also in providing services to the general public.